Accounting Module


Register and track your expenses, either on the go, or from your office. Expenses will automatically update your bank balance, create suppliers and update the accounting reports.

Recurring Expenses

Save time by setting-up recurring expenses, like your internet bill. Just setup once and Fygaro will take care of generating the next ones at the frequency you choose.

Employees and Payroll

Save time and meet regulatory requirements with the Fygaro Payroll system. Register your employees, setup business settings, retentions and generate payment confirmations with just a few clicks.


Keep tabs on all your business: from bank accounts to check books and credit cards. Fygaro will help you keep your books in check and up to date.

Take your Business to the

Next Level


Fygaro is an easy to use, online billing platform. Full of smart features to save you time and money — anytime, anywhere.



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