Payment Buttons

Powerful tools, powerful results

Sell anywhere — social media, WhatsApp & more — with our flexible tools. It's as easy as sharing a link!

Your way or the highway

Payment experiences that fit your business needs.

Custom Button

Request a specific amount or let your customers pay what they want. That's it!

Invoice Button

Send invoices via email or chat and accept payments with a credit or debit card.

Product Button

We'll create a mini-website for your product so customers can buy it while you relax.

Recurrent Invoice Button

Automatically charge your customers when a new invoice is issued. Easy and frictionless.


"With the help of Fygaro, we were able to offer our clients a convenient way to pay for the products and services they needed right from the comforts of their home."

Janelle Pantry-Coke
Founder @ Spaces Ltd

Sell Anywhere

The easier it is to pay, the more likely your customers will follow through. Fygaro enables better payment experiences where your customers are.

Sell More

You don't have to be a tech expert. With Fygaro, you can provide better payment experiences that your customers will love. Happy customers = More sales!

Time is money

Request a payment in seconds! Set an amount, click to share and done!

Ready to go

Get started fast and without expensive setup, maintenance, or development fees.

Open to Integrations

Integrate Fygaro as a payment solution for advanced use-cases.


Managed by experts, Fygaro is a secure solution with PCI-DSS certification.

All for one
One for all

All of the Button types are optimized by professionals and deeply integrated inside Fygaro, so you can use one or as many as you need to suit your needs.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

How to get started?


Sign Up

Complete our super quick onboarding and link a payment method like PayPal.


Create a Payment Button

Follow the instructions in Fygaro to setup a new Payment Button (< 2 mins).


Share it

Send it to your customer's using your preferred communication method.

Get paid

That's it! You'll receive a notification when a client completes a payment.

Connected & Ready To Go

Extensive network of partners and integrations built-in

+ Many more

Get started with Fygaro today — no commitment

Try Fygaro for free, no credit card required. Get to know the tools that will take your business to the next level.

Ready to Help

Best-in-class Customer Success team if you need help or are looking for advice.

24/7 Resources

Access tutorials and tips on our 24/7 Help Center at:


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