Electronic Invoicing

Included in all plans!

Easy and Smart Invoicing

When using Fygaro you get to focus on the things you love, as we will take care of the rest for you!

As a leading provider of Electronic Invoicing in Costa Rica (and more countries coming soon), we offer a complete solution that is 100% integrated to Hacienda (the local revenue service). Plus, we even keep up with upgrades to the integration to meet the constantly changing regulations.

We go beyond what other systems offer to bring you automatic issuance of credit and debit notes. Simply go to your bill, make all the changes you need, with this Fygaro will take care of everything else.

And that´s not all! Fygaro will also help you easily and quickly process the invoices you receive from your providers. Add them manually or automatically by forwarding them to a special processing email address.

Key Features

  • Included with every plan.
  • 100% Integrated: Send and receive invoices
  • Electronic Invoice Inbox (email)
  • Received invoices will also automatically be registered as expenses for accounting.

Panamanian Companies: If you company is registered for the Electronic Invoicing pilot program at the DGI, contact us at support@fygaro.com to gain early access to our Electronic Invoicing integration!

Credit & Debit Notes


Forget about doing complex calculations to modify or cancel an invoice; we`ll handle all the legal requirements while you focus on your business!

Grow Your Business

Fygaro helps to boost your sales, facilitate invoicing, inventory control and much more.

All the key services are integrated and just one click away, from any device and place.



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