Plugins & Integrations

Payments for your store

Ready-to-go integrations to your local bank. Wordpress, Magento and more. Starting at just $4.99/mo.

Earn More

Connected directly to your bank.

Get the best possible rates by integrating directly to you local bank. Benefit from special pricing for Fygaro customers on our partner network.

This is the way

Unmatched cost, speed and quality


Starting at just $4.99/mo, that's it! We don't charge a percentage of your sales.


Award winning market leader, Fygaro has years of experience and thousands of users.

Top of the line

We use new technologies and design to deliver unmatched experiences and results.


Managed by experts and PCI-DSS certified to keep you and your customers safe.

Connected & Ready To Go

Extensive network of partners and integrations built-in

+ Many more

Easy Setup

Connect your WooCommerce store with your local bank in minutes with a simple 1-click install.

Fygaro seamlessly integrates with your checkout experience. Customize your payment experience with your logo.

How to get started?


Sign Up

Complete our quick sign up process to create your account.



Get the credentials to enable the WooCommerce plugin.


Install the Plugin

Install Fygaro's plugin from the WordPress store in one click.

Get paid!

Start receiving payments directly to your bank account.


Stop paying a percentage of your sales to integrate your shop with your bank.

Keep more of your hard earned cash!


General questions

  • Can I use Fygaro if I don't have integration credentials from my bank?

    Yes! Fygaro can even help you with the application and account opening process at any bank in our network.

  • Can I use Fygaro if *already* have integration credentials from my bank?

    Yes! Please contact our support team and they'll guide you on how to set them up.

  • Do you charge any commissions / percentage of payments?

    No. Unlike other providers, Fygaro only charges a monthly flat-fee. Depending on your bank, we might charge some fees on their behalf to get you better rates.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. If Fygaro is not what your business is looking for simply cancel the account.

  • How long are your contracts?

    All Fygaro plans are paid on a monthly basis.

  • Have more questions?

    You can find tutorials and more information on our support area or reach our Customer Success team through chat, social media and email.

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Best-in-class Customer Success team if you need help or are looking for advice.

24/7 Resources

Access tutorials and tips on our 24/7 Help Center at:


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